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5 Indoor Team Building Activities That You’ll Enjoy

November 9, 2017 by The Fun Empire Team

We know that not many are fans of going outdoors especially in Singapore’s humid weather. Fret not, we’ve got a list of indoor team building activities that you can still bond over while being away from the sun. Here are 5 indoor team building activities you can play!

1. Rock Climbing

To those who have always wanted to try rock climbing, here’s your chance at giving it a go. Clip N’ Climb at HomeTeamNS is the only thematic rock climbing center you’ll find in Singapore. Not only is it themed, the entire place is air-conditioned too. Each of the walls come in varying colours and is designed to different levels of difficulty. This activity is suitable for both kids (10kg and above) and adults who are up to challenge themselves! You’re sure to leave with a big smile on your faces after an enjoyable team building session.

2. Cooking Classes

The Fun Empire provides cooking classes services where you’ll be able to cook outside of your kitchen together with great company. There are vegetarian and halal options to cater to a wider audience as well as customised options for those with food allergies. Besides learning how to make new dishes, you can also have a friendly competition with your friends. The best part? You don’t need to do any clean-ups since it’s not your kitchen. Feel free to make a mess and have tons of fun at the team building event!

3. Trampoline Park

Nothing sounds better than jumping around and unleashing the kid in you. At BOUNCE Singapore, adults like you can hop around in a trampoline park. There’s more to that than just bouncing though. This indoor playground allows you to explore tricks and stunts such as doing a back flip. If that’s too much for you, continue hopping around and bonding with your friends. It makes for a great team building activity and workout too.

4. Rock Band

Have you always wanted to hold your own concert? Well, you’re almost there! One Dynamics offers Rock Band as one of their team building activity. The Rock Band is a session where you’ll be learning to play different instruments like the guitar, drums, keyboard, bass, and percussion. A team of experienced professional trainers will be conducting the 2 hour session and teaching you how to play a song with your assigned instrument. Then wrap up the session with a collaborative full performance!

5. Combat Archery Tag

If you love doing sports, we would recommend you to play Combat Archery Tag as your team building activity. This action-packed game is undeniably the most fun one can ever have in a very long time. Plus, it can be played indoors and in an air-conditioned area too. You’ll be using bows and arrows to shoot your opponents. Don’t worry! The arrows come with foam tips so they are extremely safe to play with. On top of that, everyone in the game will have a mask on for extra safety. Just ensure that you’re warmed up enough to be on top form. The team that manages to knock down as many as their opponents first will be crowned as the Champions!

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