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How To Establish A Healthier and Happier Working Environment

January 16, 2019 by The Fun Empire Team

Due to our fast-paced lifestyle, Singapore is no stranger to workplace politics. The heavy workload and busy schedule are mentally taxing enough, but add on the difficulty of not getting along well with your colleagues would only make your working life stressful and dreadful. Our colleagues could essentially be our second family, considering that we interact on an everyday basis and spent time with them the majority of the time. As such, The Fun Empire strives to create a more positive and in turn, productive workplace setting for all our clients by providing unique and enjoyable team building games ranging from adventure-style to creative workshops. However, you don't have to rely entirely on us as you yourself can assist in contributing to a more conducive working environment. Here's how;

Build A Community Spirit

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I get it that some of us are not early-risers, but make the effort to greet your colleagues when you meet with each other every morning. This is not only an incredibly effortless way to form a closer bond with them, but also creates a community spirit in the workplace. By acknowledging everyone, you're creating an inclusive environment where no one feels left out, thus ensuring that everyone is able to work together and share their knowledge productively. There are other ways you can strengthen the community spirit, such as having lunch or tea break with each other or even simply leaving the office together. Regardless, the workplace atmosphere would eventually change for the better as the employee's satisfaction levels and well-being are boosted.

Escape The Regular Workplace Routine

Constantly holed up in the office and staring at the computer screens are no way good for both body and mind, and also in improving the relationships among colleagues. Take time off away from the office alongside your colleagues, and use the opportunity to foster bonding either by hanging out with each other at recreational areas or best yet, participating in team building activities. Team-Building games are not only incredibly effective, but also highly fun that will no doubt engage everyone! This allows people to take their mind off stressful situations and to better comprehend the importance of communicating with each other. As such, you could reserve a special day every month for team-bonding to enforce the work-life balance. You'll soon find that working would no longer be a dread!

Decorate The Office Space

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Not many people would think that office space plays a part in affecting the overall mood, but it does! A dull decor is incredibly uninspiring, and this, in turn, makes employees unmotivated to put in their best attempts at work. Do you know a simple plant such as a Terrarium or even an art jamming painting could help contribute to a more mentally-stimulating environment? It doesn't take up too much time or effort, so everyone has no excuse in being unable to create better workplace experiences.

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