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10 Best Calligraphy Pens in Australia [2022]

December 23, 2021 by The Fun Empire Team

Calligraphy Pen Australia
Calligraphy Pen Australia

Calligraphy Pen Australia

Hello calligraphers! Do you know the best calligraphy pen in Australia? If not, then this article is for you. We have done hours of research to find the 10 calligraphy pens that are the best value for money and performance. These calligraphy pens will ensure that your handwriting is perfect every time!

1. Ecoline Brush Pen

Ecoline Brush Pen - Calligraphy Pen Australia
Ecoline Brush Pen - Calligraphy Pen Australia
Key FeaturesA wide choice of bright and vibrant colors
Blendable with other colors
The wet ink flow creates the “ombre” effect on your downstrokes
Refillable with ink (environmentally friendly)
Where to BuyClick here

The Ecoline features an incredibly adaptable brush tip that enables you to make strong strokes with ease. This implies that you won't be able to create consistent medium-sized strokes. You'll be able to produce excellent ombre effects, and because the ink is a liquid watercolor, these pens are blendable and rewettable. The Ecoline brush pen's greatest feature is that you can refill them and use them again and again, making the claim that these pens are ecologically beneficial.

2. Plotube Calligraphy Pen Kit

Plotube Calligraphy Pen Kit - Calligraphy Pen Australia
Plotube Calligraphy Pen Kit - Calligraphy Pen Australia
Key FeaturesComes with 11 different nib sizes and 4 ink bottles
Includes a wooden dip pen for a more traditional touch
Replaceable and easy to write nibs
An elegant kit for new and professional calligraphers
Inserts a booklet for thorough guidelines
Where to BuyClick here

The Plotube Calligraphy Pen Kit has a beautiful antique design that you may give as a lovely present or personal treat. Calligraphy pieces that are visually handcrafted lie beyond the packaging. A deluxe wooden dip pen, antique holder, and stainless steel nibs are included in the collection. You may use 11 different calligraphy nibs to create hundreds of unique writing patterns and styles. You may modify the nibs without any difficulty if you want to make images or create a range of font typefaces and symbols. This would be useful for individuals who alternate between nib sizes for rapid and flexible writing on a regular basis.

3. GC Quill Antique Feather Writing Quill Pen

GC Quill Antique Feather Writing Quill Pen - Calligraphy Pen Australia
GC Quill Antique Feather Writing Quill Pen - Calligraphy Pen Australia
Key FeaturesSuperior control and stability delivering smoothness and an easy ink flow
Long well-balanced pen body provides a comfortable writing experience
Excellent packing, Exquisite Design, Traditional Style
Where to BuyClick here

The GC Quill artist-grade pen is as cutting-edge as it is stunning, and it comes with six different stainless steel nibs in a variety of sizes to enable a variety of calligraphy styles. This birch wood writing instrument was handmade by hand and resembles the old calligraphy pens.

The case and the two ink bottles that come with it are as beautiful as the pen itself. You may dip this pen in ink, making it more appropriate for experienced persons. As a result of its excellent quality, the ink flows freely, as one might anticipate from a pen of this price range. The nib and the seal wax are both gold, as is typical for calligraphy pens. The ostrich feather is said to be genuine, and in addition, GC provides a money-back guarantee on this product.

4. Waterman Allure Fountain Pen

Waterman Allure Fountain Pen - Calligraphy Pen Australia
Waterman Allure Fountain Pen - Calligraphy Pen Australia
Key FeaturesChoose from a range of sophisticated barrel colours
Engraved durable steel nib for consistent everyday writing
Comes equipped with vivid erasable blue ink
Refillable with short or long Waterman ink cartridges
Where to BuyClick here

The Waterman Allure Fountain Pen has a long-lasting imprinted nib and a French design. It sports a lacquer finish that may complement your wardrobe and writing experience. Experts at Waterman create and test each nib. Each nib is also examined to guarantee smoothness and quality.

5. Kuretake No 50 Fountain Hair Brush Pen

Kuretake No 50 Fountain Hair Brush Pen - Calligraphy Pen Australia
Kuretake No 50 Fountain Hair Brush Pen - Calligraphy Pen Australia
Key FeaturesReal brush
Very responsive
High ink flow
Where to BuyClick here

The Kuretake No 50 is the one to challenge yourself with after you've gotten the hang of the basic brush calligraphy pens. With only the lightest of pressure, it generates a variety of thicknesses, leaving chaos for the undisciplined. It takes some time to master, but once you do, people will be amazed.

The Kuretake calligraphy pen has a genuine sable hair tip, which you can replace when it becomes worn. It's acrylic-coated brass shaft gives you the impression that you're writing with lacquer. Keep the Kuretake calligraphy pen in frequent use and dry with a tissue after each usage to achieve optimal results.

6. Mont Marte Calligraphy Set

Mont Marte Calligraphy Set - Calligraphy Pen Australia
Mont Marte Calligraphy Set - Calligraphy Pen Australia
Key FeaturesIncludes 5 nib sections, 4 pen bodies, and 20 ink cartridges
An excellent set for beginners as easy to use and doesn’t feel wobbly
Lavishly beautiful fountain pens
Hassle-free in changing the ink cartridges
Where to BuyClick here

The Mont Marte Calligraphy Set is one of the finest calligraphy pens for novices if you want to learn how to write with calligraphy. It can help you discover the art of classic writing and lettering, whether it's for your pastime or profession. With five different nib grades, you can practice and improve your abilities. Fine and extra fine nibs are included with this pen, which may be utilized to highlight the finer points of your art. The medium, broad, and extra broad nibs are ideal for creating a range of calligraphic script styles and writing.

7. Tombow Dual Brush Pen

Tombow Dual Brush Pen - Calligraphy Pen Australia
Tombow Dual Brush Pen - Calligraphy Pen Australia
Key FeaturesBeginner-friendly – flexible tip allowing a variety of stroke thickness
Water-based ink – 100% blendable + self-cleaning tips
Second firm tip for corrections and as a standalone tool
A massive range of colors
Non-toxic (safe for children)
Where to BuyClick here

The Tombow Dual Brush Pen's success is no surprise. The large mid-firm brush tip is quite simple to use and can make smooth, thick, and thin gradations. You'll have a lot of different colors to choose from, and the ink is water-based, allowing you to easily incorporate it with other hues. You'll be able to make stunning gradient effects using this.

8. Montblanc Black Resin StarWalker Doue 118871 Fountain Pen

Montblanc Black Resin StarWalker Doue 118871 Fountain Pen - Calligraphy Pen Australia
Montblanc Black Resin StarWalker Doue 118871 Fountain Pen - Calligraphy Pen Australia
Key FeaturesHigh on performance along with finesse of great craftsmanship
Rhodium-coated, handcrafted, Au585 / 14K gold nib
Platinum-coated appointments and clip
Black, precious resin barrel
Where to BuyClick here

This Montblanc Black Resin StarWalker fountain pen is designed with space exploration in mind and comes with a platinum-coated cap and a black precious resin barrel. It's handcrafted using a rhodium-coated au 585/14k gold nib. The pen's signature shade is blue, which represents the sky above the moon's horizon. The StarWalker collection consists of a variety of nibs: fine, extra-fine, medium, and broad.

9. Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pen Set

Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pen Set - Calligraphy Pen Australia
Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pen Set - Calligraphy Pen Australia
Key FeaturesOffers different consistencies with 4 nib sizes
The ink doesn’t bleed or leak
Exhibits a comfortable pen body with a modern style
Contains extra inks and a nib cleaner
Where to BuyClick here

This Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pen Set takes it to a new level with a range of nib sizes for stunning calligraphy and lettering. Each pen has its own size, making it much easier to control the line and letter consistency. You may create delicate or complicated elements as well as thick lines and strokes. The ink runs cleanly and freely from the pens, and it writes smoothly with sharp lines. Because the body gives a familiar feel of a standard pen, I believe it makes a difference in terms of comfortable writing and lettering. It's also an excellent choice for artists who can't write under pressure or have a lot of stress.

10. Staedtler Calligraphy Pen Set

Staedtler Calligraphy Pen Set - Calligraphy Pen Australia
Staedtler Calligraphy Pen Set - Calligraphy Pen Australia
Key FeaturesA set of good calligraphy pens for beginners with 20 ink cartridges
Offers 4 changeable nibs and 5 pen bodies
Lends a smooth and neat application
Non-bleeding ink
Where to BuyClick here

This Staedtler Calligraphy Pen Set isn't your average pen. From four pens with replaceable nibs to 20 ink cartridges in seven hues, this Staedtler 33-piece set has everything you'll need to create beautiful calligraphy. The nibs come in five different shapes and sizes, ranging from extra fine to broad. The starter kit includes all of the supplies you need to get started, including an instructional booklet and a practice pad. Everything is neatly organized in a compact tin. With a marble-like finish, the calligraphy pens are also elegant. The ink is 20% water-based and is delivered to the nib via an internal pump, so no dipping!

Calligraphy Pen Australia

The calligraphy pen is a tool that can help you create beautiful calligraphy, lettering, and illustrations. Choosing the right calligraphy pens for your needs is essential to achieving these goals. The 10 calligraphy pens listed here are excellent options for beginners or professionals looking to upgrade their tools. Whether you're just starting out in calligrapher or want to take it up as a hobby, this list will have something for everyone!

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