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Best Team Building Games for Corporate Companies

October 2, 2017 by The Fun Empire Team

Team building is very essential especially for companies with a large group of employees. There is never really enough time for you to mingle and get to know your colleagues better. With the existence of team building games, you can unleash the more fun side of you as well as seeing your colleagues out of the serious mode. Here are 10 best team building games that you can suggest to your company:

1. Bubble Soccer By Bubble Bump

This game involves a lot of running around and physical contact. It is a combination of soccer and rugby all in one. In this game, you either get bumped or you bump others. Either way, it is going to be a bumpy game. The bubble bump games are definitely easy to play but it is very tiring. You thought that 5 minutes is short? It will feel like the longest 5 minutes of your life when you’re on the pitch because running around with the bubble on is a workout itself. Many clients have tried this as a team building activity and they absolutely enjoyed it! However, they needed to take breaks in between to regain the energy and hydrate themselves before another bumpy round!

2.  Cooking Classes

Another team building activity is to attend a cooking class. You may not be a fantastic cook and neither do you know your colleagues that well to be this open. Now, here is the chance for you to really engage in random conversations and help one another outside of work. There will be a few dishes that you are going to whip up with the assistance of a head chef.  Cooking alone can tire you out. Why not ask your colleagues to join in the party? One of them can be on the pan, the other can be chopping ingredients and you could be the one making the pasta from scratch. To heat things up in the kitchen, have a friendly competition with each other. The competition could be as simple as the team with the best food presentation.

3. Combat Archery Tag

Unleash your inner Katniss with a day of combat archery tag. Before you panic over nothing, the arrows are padded with foam tips. Do not worry about getting pierced through or having cuts because that is not possible at all. This game is really challenging yet thrilling at the same time. Combat Archery Tag is basically a game with combined elements of dodgeball and paintball. It involves precision, communication, and definitely teamwork with a little bit of strategy. You will learn to not be self-centred and work towards helping others as well. The most important part is ensuring that everyone has the same goal in mind. Give Combat Archery Tag a try for your next team building games!

4. Leather Workshop

The leather workshop is a great way for you to get creative and out of your comfort zone. If you have always dreamed of crafting something, this place is really for you. The workshop offers a variety of things that you can make ranging from leather cardholders to wallets. Get creative with your designs and give suggestions to your colleagues on how to improve theirs. On top of that, you will better understand why leather material items are rather expensive. That is because you have to painstakingly cut the leather, glue and sew them together. Of course, you will get to bring home this gem of yours! Would you consider this the best team building yet?

5. Laser Tag

Instead of the usual Laser Tag where you’ll be running with heavy guns, we provide a much better option of light-weight guns. This game can be played both indoors and outdoors – the choice is yours. Laser Tag is a game that is meant for all age groups from the young to old. Be free from all worries and just go forth! Do not be fooled by the charm on your colleague’s faces. They could be shooting you even from a distance and your gun could capture it. Perhaps coming up with a strategy on not getting shot would be a great idea huh? It is best to go as a pack to intimidate your opponents a little. This is still a friendly match so do not go overboard! Note that this is a fast-paced game so protect yourselves or get shot and you will leave the game early. We would recommend this for companies looking for team building games to conduct! It is energetic and fast like flash!

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