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10 Team Building Games for Families

August 21, 2017 by The Fun Empire Team

In this fast-paced environment that we live in, it’s easy to say that school and work occupy us. It could be the mountain of assignments awaiting or bringing home incomplete work from the office. As a result, you spend lesser quality time with your family. While work-life balance is rare, it’s still possible if you would actually allocate some time to bond with your family through team building games.

Why are team building games so important for the family? Family is an asset to you. They were present through your ups and downs of your life. Most importantly, your family gives you an identity, a sense of belonging, and a home to return to always. But without you realising, you’re actually drifting apart from your family due to your busy work schedule.

If you’re seeking to rekindle or enhance that relationship, here are 10 team building games for you to try out with your family:

1. Camping

You could organise 3 days 2 nights stay at our beaches with your family. Camps are the best time for you to socialise with those surrounding you. It’s an activity that requires minimal or if not, no smartphones, which are a great distraction in today’s society. By putting the smartphone away, you’re ‘forced’ to look at what’s in your surrounding and strike a conversation with the person next to you to kill the awkward silence. During the campfire night, get each family member to prepare an embarrassing story to share! Then have a good laugh!

2. Cooking/Baking

It doesn’t quite matter if being in the kitchen is not your forte. Cooking or baking can be therapeutic. Get a recipe off the Internet and your hands on the ingredients. You may not understand certain things on the recipe after reading them. It’s time you communicate with your siblings or parents (whoever you’re doing the activity with) and build on that teamwork. This activity is sure to bring a mess to your kitchen but, don’t worry! It’s just as fun to clean up with your family!

3. Games night

Set aside one weekday night or weekend night for this games session. You could be playing old school board games such as snake and ladder, scrabble, chess etc. If modern games are what you prefer then you could play twister, monopoly, UNO, charades and so much more. It doesn’t take long for you to just play a few rounds of the games that you’ve chosen. An hour of games per week would suffice to get you interacting and bonding with your family!

4. A day out at Universal Studios Singapore

For those who prefer something more adventurous and have the budget to do so, USS is the place to go! Perhaps, your parents and you have a fear of riding the adult roller coasters. Today could be the day that you conquer your fears together. Encouraging each other to go on the rides and being there for one another during the scariest time of your lives! It’ll definitely be a day for you to remember, look back upon, and say, “We did it!” Make your money worthwhile at USS since you never know when you’ll return for another round of rides.

5. Whisper challenge

This game will definitely leave you rolling on the floor and laughing. The whisper challenge is played between 2 people at any time. One person would have the earpiece on with music blasting to the maximum, while the other party would be saying a sentence or a phrase. The person with the earpiece on is supposed to guess what the other party has said to them. What is interpreted can be really funny at times!

6. Dancing together

You don’t need to be a professional dancer to dance! Your family could decide on a song that you would like to dance to. Afterwards, one of you would get the ball rolling by being the first to come up with a dance step. The following person would continue from where you left off with an additional dance move. This goes on until everyone has put in his or her share of a dance step. Recap the entire routine and start performing the routine. Record these moments so you could watch how silly you look like or how good you are at dancing.

7. Painting

Apart from getting your body to move, you can get your creativity on your hands too. Grab a big drawing block, some paint, and colourful markers. This activity could be as simple as just painting your palms in different colours and stamping them on the empty drawing block. If you need something more intermediate, challenge yourselves to draw and paint a picture that you get off the Internet. Even a family portrait would be something special!

8. Scrapbooking

With the availability of social media such as Facebook, creating albums and uploading photos has been made easy. However, a more unique approach would be scrapbooking! Take a lot of beautiful photos with your family and have them printed. Get everyone on board to do this activity. Plan on where the pictures would go, how you would like to decorate the book, and include the captions along with the pictures. It would be a book filled with many awesome memories!

9. Volunteering

There are plenty of organisations that you can volunteer at these days. They could be animal shelters, the less privileged, helping out at the deaf association, blood donation etc. It serves as a great reminder to be thankful for all the things in life and to appreciate your family members more. Doing a good deed sure makes you feel great! Nothing beats volunteering with your family!

10. Working out

Health is wealth! Take good care of each other by reminding yourselves to eat healthily and exercise whenever you can. It could just be brisk walking in the park for an hour, going for a run, lifting weights in the gym, or doing circuits. What matters is the company – your family. What better way could there be than to motivate each other through trying times and working out together. After all, a family that works out together stays together. Definitely a great way to bond with your loved ones!

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