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7 Team Building Trends In 2017

December 4, 2017 by The Fun Empire Team

When you mention a team building session this coming Saturday, do you face groans and mutters under your employees’ breaths instead of the enthusiastic response you had hoped for? Over the years, team building activities have garnered the reputation of being boring and simply put, an utter waste of time. Sadly, most people would rather spend their after-work hours with their loved ones or even alone, rather than with colleagues that they already face all day. However, here are 7 team building trends we have noticed in 2017 that will actually put the fun in team building sessions and make your team look forward to these activities!

1. Virtual Reality

Team building activities incorporating virtual reality has definitely seen an increase in popularity this year. These activities are perfect for tech-savvy companies! The new technology that stimulates your senses to create a convincing life-like experience will definitely be a hit amongst the younger employees at your workplace.

2. Charity Team Building

If you’d like to contribute to a meaningful cause, opt for team building activities with a charitable purpose! Charity team building can embed the values of corporate social responsibility within your employees and create a new motivational force in the workplace. Furthermore, your team members can bond in the process of giving back to society!

3. Culinary Centric Activities

Albeit unconventional, culinary centric activities have been increasingly popular as an effective team building tool. Other than cooking the usual dishes, team interaction can be further strengthened by incorporating food art into the activity! Ideas of interesting food art can be as simple as fruit carvings, baking challenges, and bento boxes!

4. Adventure-Based Extreme Activities

In 2017, adventure-based team building activities have been all the rage. Not only do they promote strategic thinking amongst team members, but these games will also teach your employees essential traits that can’t be picked up in the office such as adaptability and leadership! Examples of such activities include combat archery tag, bubble bump games, and laser tag.

5. Activities Incorporating Art & Music

Surprisingly, team building activities that have to do with art and music have been well-received by many organisations. Such activities offer to bond through art and creativity outside of the typical work environment. Examples include art jamming, perfume workshops, and even bubble bump music where your team members can interact while dancing in huge inflatable bubbles!

6. Shorter Team Building Activities

Longer team building activities don’t translate to more effectiveness. In fact, shorter team building activities have become more popular among corporations this year! This is largely due to the fact that employers are becoming increasingly cost conscious. However, shorter team building activities can still achieve the same or an even better effect. Activities such as laser tag mentioned above are a good choice for short and concise team building sessions!

7. Anti-Stress Relievers

Due to our never-ending workload, employees nowadays find themselves facing more stress. In order to attain productiveness in the workplace, team building activities should aim not only to bond team players together but also to relieve stress. Therefore, the team building activities mentioned above such as art jamming, combat archery tag, as well as cooking classes would serve this purpose well.

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