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12 Best Essential Oil Diffusers in Singapore [2022]

November 11, 2021 by The Fun Empire Team

Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore

Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore

There are many reasons to use essential oils. They can help you feel more relaxed, improve your sleep quality, and even promote weight loss! But the best way to experience all of these benefits is through an aromatherapy diffuser. In this blog post, we will introduce 12 of the best essential oil diffusers in Singapore.

1. Muji Aroma Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
Muji Aroma Diffuser - Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
Key FeaturesUltrasonic type
500 ml capacity
Automatic-shutdown feature
Maximum of 3 hours of operation
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The Muji Aroma Diffuser is an excellent solution for big areas since to its tank size and capacity to generate cool, dry, and fragrant mist. This ultrasonic diffuser has customizable settings that allow you to choose the duration mode, spray quantity, and intensity.

The soothing purple glow of the Moon Mist Essential Oil Diffuser makes it a great addition to any bedroom. It also has an ambient glow that helps to create a relaxing atmosphere. Most significantly, because it is flame-free, it is the finest essential oil diffuser in Singapore for families with children and pets.

Client Testimonial

"This diffuser is so pretty and handy! The only downside is that the button to control the timer and lightings is behind the diffuser outlet. Which makes it hard to control. But I guess for aesthetic purposes, it just have to be made this way. ūü§©"

2. Stadler Form LEA

Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
Stadler Form LEA - Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
Key FeaturesNebulizing type
Rechargeable batteries
Interval mode
Light sensor ‚Äď daylight mode
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The Stadler Form LEA is one of the most sophisticated essential oil diffusers available in Singapore. The device has wireless operation, allowing you to place it anywhere at home and use it without being restricted by cords or outlets. It's powered by rechargeable batteries that are both energy-saving and ecologically responsible.

It also diffuses the scent from the essential oil bottle, providing a clean fragrance throughout the area. It's also easier and more convenient to maintain since it doesn't require a water and oil combination.

It has a timer mode that allows you to keep it running for an extended period of time with a 20-minute pause. These outstanding characteristics are behind its popularity as the finest essential oil diffuser in Singapore among many users.

Client Testimonial

"I like this diffuser because it can easily be packed for trips without fear of it breaking. Just two pieces. It works great too.‚ÄĚ

3. Baseus Car Aroma Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
Baseus Car Aroma - Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
Key FeaturesUltrasonic type
300 ml capacity
Automatic shutdown feature
Two-gear spray mode
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The Perfumed Car Aroma Diffuser from Baseus is an ultrasonic humidifier that also functions as an essential oil diffuser. You may use this top essential oil diffuser in Singapore whether you're at home, at work, or even in your car!

This is a new, professional-grade product that was designed to help the leather interior of your automobile retain its luster while providing excellent moisture protection. It features a two-gear spray mode for finer control and contains nano-fine spray technology, which boosts humidity inside the vehicle and moisturizes the air to preserve the leather interior.

This one requires far less maintenance than other diffusers do: you just change the water once a week, instead of every day.

4. Flo Diffuser Home

Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
Flo Difusser - Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
Key FeaturesRelaxing Scent
Pure Essential Oils
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FLO's aim is to improve the well-being of its clients through its passion for aromatherapy. This firm is unwavering in its pursuit of the most natural aromatherapy items available in the market.

The scent of the Goodnight Essential Oil Blend produced by FLO will not only entice you, but it will also soothe and calm your nervous system.

With the relaxing properties of FLO's Oil Blends, you and your loved ones may reward yourself and each other. It will not only aid in the restoration of your health, but it will also significantly improve your disposition.

For those who want an aromatic, restful experience, we believe that this is the finest essential oil diffuser in Singapore.

Client Testimonial

"I love the smell! I like the design and how it auto ‚Äúcut‚ÄĚ off too. I personally used it daily in office and house (2 at home), I like the variety of aromas and the fact it didn‚Äôt need to use water, as those previous diffusers that needed water to vap out the mist cause damage to my appliances. I‚Äôve order more than a dozen of FLO, and so far I just need to mention what kind of environment, or specific types of user, they will advise on the types of oil suitable. Highly recommended. Perfect gift for loved ones. My perfect house warming gift for clients."

5. BsaB Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
BsaB Diffuser - Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
Key FeaturesNatural Fragrance
6-9 sqm coverage
50 ml diffuser
1-2 months Diffusion duration
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Home essentials are always more meaningful when made with attention. With its basic look, the Bsab diffuser provides a rustic and elegant simplicity.

It's comprised of three simple components: a delicate transparent vase and two natural twigs. The nicest thing is that the entire design is ecologically responsible and long-lasting.

These vases are created from recycled glass bottles. Even the packing is made of recycled materials. The inks used are also environmentally responsible. So, while you enjoy the relaxing fragrant air, keep in mind that nature was taken care of during this diffuser's creation.

You can now have a cleaner, healthier environment at home with these top essential oil diffusers in Singapore!

6. Lavender Reed Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
Lavander Reed Diffuser- Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
Key FeaturesInduces relaxation
Perfect for getting a good night’s sleep
Long-lasting scent
Elegant design
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Lavender is a well-known flower for its restorative qualities. The Lavender Reed Diffuser from Pristine Aroma was developed with this in mind.

It's one of their most popular fragrances for the house, and for good reason: it's recognized to help its users sleep. You'll undoubtedly feel revitalized once you wake up.

The stylish design of this piece is certain to complement any décor. If you're interested, go to the link provided to get 5% off your next purchase.

7. Lemongrass Reed Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
Lemongrass Reed Diffuser - Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
Key Features3 sets of reed sticks per purchase
120mL and 500mL (refill) sizes available
Website Click Here

Not all essential oil diffusers in Singapore are powered. Lemongrass House's lemongrass reed diffuser is a great way to bring nature's earthy scent into your home.

This reed diffuser, unlike oil burners, produces the pleasant scent of lemongrass without the harsh after-scent of flames that is associated with oil burners.

The lemongrass reed diffuser is another one of our favorites because it comes with a lot of reed diffuser sticks in each box. There are three groups of five sticks in total.

Finally, the company is also environmentally friendly. People who enjoy this diffuser may simply purchase a refill rather than purchasing a new bottle.

8. Aroma Diffuser (SH106)

Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
Aroma Diffuser - Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
Key FeaturesUltrasonic technology
Humidifying and purifying
Color-therapy mode
Adjustable mist mode control
WebsiteClick Here

The Aroma Diffuser (SH106) from the Sense House is ideal for a natural-themed room. The lightwood base includes an adjustable LED light and is topped with a diffuser.

Its mist mode may be customized to suit your preferences. It comes with two different types of continuous and intermittent mist modes, as well as high and low mist modes.

The LED light has a color-therapy mode, which is great for soothing bystanders while viewing this item. This Singapore diffuser comes with a 6-month warranty as well.

9. InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
InnoGear Essential - Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
Key FeaturesLatest Innovations
Diffusers and LED Lighting Products
100% Pure Essential Oils
No Additives, Fillers, Bases or Carriers added.
Website Click Here

InnoGear, a market-leading innovator of Diffusers and LED lighting goods, is bringing their clients the most cutting-edge ideas that will make your life simpler and more comfortable. It is their objective to look for items that can significantly assist their customers in their everyday tasks.

With their primary objective in mind, they search tirelessly for goods that may interact with their consumers' lives. They constantly come up with new concepts to make routine activities easier.

They've also teamed up with other innovators to provide a wider range of choices for clients. They put their clients first, which is why they're willing to go the extra mile.

10. Nanum Tulip Car Aroma Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
Nanum Tulip Car - Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
Key FeaturesUltrasonic type
USB installation
1 L capacity
Humidifying capacity: 30ml/h
Website Click Here

The Nanum Tulip Car Aroma Diffuser is a fantastic product for car owners. It's an ultrasonic type with a built-in auto ionic car air purifier, allowing you to add your favorite essential oil and eliminate unpleasant smells from the car.

It has a 2-hour run time, making it ideal for people who are constantly on the road. It requires a cigarette lighter outlet to work (which is found in most automobiles) and can also be used via a USB connection.

You can take a pleasant trip to Singapore with this ultrasonic diffuser, which doesn't generate much noise!

11. Novita Aroma Diffuser NA600

Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
Novita Aroma - Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
Key FeaturesUltrasonic type
200 ml capacity
Automatic-shutdown feature
Maximum of 5 hours of operation
Website Click Here

The Novita Aroma Diffuser NA600 can be a wonderful alternative for people who need an essential oil diffuser for their tiny or medium-sized rooms. It's also an ultrasonic machine with a capacity of 200 ml, which is just enough for a bedroom or small workstation.

The Round LED Light is a wall light with stunning LEDs that provide aesthetic appeal. It may also be used as a nightlight and put in sleep mode, so you won't have to worry about a low water level warning.

12. OTO Pure Air PR-120

Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
OTO Pure Air - Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore
Key FeaturesHumidifier and diffuser
Aromatherapy function
Timed shutdown
Ultra-fine mist
Super quiet
WebsiteClick Here

The OTO Pure Air PR-120 is a 2-in-1 humidifier and aroma diffuser, making it ideal for people who want to humidify the air while also providing a pleasant scent.

Simply add your favorite fragrant oils and let the machine do the rest.

A timer, night light option, and ultra-fine mist option are all included. It also has a silent operation for no reason to be concerned about disturbing sleep.

Client Testimonial

"Item well received though ninjavan took abit longer to deliver. Well wrapped thx "

Essential Oil Diffuser Singapore

Essential Oil Diffusers have been shown to be a great way for people to create an environment that is more soothing and relaxing. In this article, you'll find 12 of the best essential oil diffusers in Singapore as well as their pros and cons. We hope this list helps you choose one that will work for your needs!

Before you go, do check out our other articles as well!

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