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Best Ways To Bond With A Colleague In Team Building [2022]

December 22, 2021 by The Fun Empire Team


Family is no longer who you spend the most time with. The necessities of today’s workplace require employees to spend the bulk of their day outside of their homes, working long extended hours. It's no surprise that employees only spend time at home when the sun has set. The point I am driving at is that your colleagues are more important than you give them credit for. They are the people who you eat with and talk to daily, spending long hours or even doing overtime together. This collegial relationship has the potential to be more than just, “Michelle, I need this file by 5 pm today”.

Many companies have recognized the fact that their success is attributed to how positive and deep the working relationships are amongst employees. Thus, this explains the recent uptake in team building activities by organizations as they are trying to create a more family-oriented culture for their employees.

Despite this, your employees may not be open to participating in them. Some of your employees might be introverts who aren't open to meeting new people. Some of them may believe such activities are a waste of time. The reasons could be endless. So this leads to the issue of how can you encourage them to bond with one another? Here at The Fun Empire, we understand that concern completely. Hence, we have listed down below some of the best ways you can encourage better bonding with a colleague in team building.

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Best Ways To Bond With Colleagues In Team Building

1. Carry a positive mentality

Best Ways To Bond With Colleagues In Team Building
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"You cannot have a positive experience and a negative mindset". This statement holds true as well for bonding during team building activities. By constantly attaching a negative connotation to team building activities, you are holding yourself back from having a fun experience. Also, this may cause you to be distant from your colleagues despite their positive intentions to want to get to know you better. Hence, the first step to take to bond with a colleague is to have a positive mindset.

2. Be approachable

Best Ways To Bond With Colleagues In Team Building
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As we stated above, distancing oneself from others directly contradicts the intention of a team building activity. The main intention of a team building activity focuses on trying to bring people together for the sake of forging better relationships. By purposefully distancing yourself from your colleagues, it can create the impression that you are unwelcoming and cold. This does not encourage bonding at all! In addition, some of you may not even be aware that you are doing this. Actions such as using our phones during the activity can send the wrong signal that we are uninterested. The best thing you can do to remedy this is to just smile and look accessible to others!

3. Step out of your comfort zone

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All of us have our own comfort zones. Comfort zones help to act as a place of familiarity, safety, and security. However, similarly to a negative mentality, it can hold us back as well. By being staying in our comfort zones, we are also limiting the number of new relationships we can have with others if we are just mingling within our own work cliques. So what should you do? Take the opportunity to talk with colleagues who you rarely talk to or those who are a tad fiercer in the office. Who knows? You may even find yourself a potential new friend at work!

4. Ask, Listen, Respond And Recognise

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More often than not, the reason why a colleague is not participative in a team building activity is probably due to the fact that they feel like their opinions and feelings are not being heard or valued. While it is important to have fun during the activity, we must remember to not forget about those who are trying to voice out their thoughts. Listen to everyone without judging, this increases the level of comfortability one will have towards being more participative in the team building activity.


In conclusion, these are just a few guidelines you should follow to bond better with your colleagues in team building activities. If you're interested in having a more comprehensive guide on how you can have a more effective team building session or more options for team building activities, you can check out the following links below 🙂

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