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Ways Of How Team Building Boosts Work Life Balance

January 29, 2018 by The Fun Empire Team

Work Life Balance

It is no secret that working can be stressful at times. However, it would seem that this stress is even more apparent especially in Singapore. This is probably due to the fast-paced working culture within our country. We are so focused on the idea of getting ahead of one another and being "productive" that sometimes the thought of taking a break or slowing down seems almost unappealing. Hence, it's no surprise that it has been reported that working adults in Singapore sleep the least while working the most. So, there is a need to recognize that there must be a work-life balance.

By focusing too much on work, it can have adverse effects on our mental health. To combat this, your company can take advantage of having more team building activities for your employees. Other than the obvious benefits of improving teamwork and communication, they can also take us out of the work environment. This is essential in helping employees relax and destress. Here are some ways how team building activities can help us in creating a better work life balance.

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Ways Of How Team Building Boosts Work Life Balance

1. Take us out of the work mindset

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Most of us who are working adults usually spend the majority of our weekdays from 9 to 5 in our office. This leads to the majority of us developing a lifestyle and mindset whereby we tend to normalize overworking. What all of us need to realize is that this mindset needs to change. By overworking ourselves, we can place a lot of unnecessary stress and burdens onto ourselves. By having team building activities, it can benefit us as we are taken out of an environment that constantly emphasizes working, giving our minds a chance to take a break. This improves overall work life balance.

2. Helps us to appreciate the other aspects of life

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If there is one thing that all of us need to remember is that our life does not consist of solely just our job position. All of us should have our own hobbies, family, and friendships that also matter to us. To have a better work life balance, it is imperative that we understand that life isn't all just about work, work, and more work. By having team building activities, employees will have the opportunity to build better relationships with their colleagues while being able to have tons of fun! After which, they will gain a deeper appreciation for other aspects of life such as leisure time and the relationships they have formed.

3. Surrounds us with great company

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It is often said that humans are an extra-social species. Our system has been wired in such a way whereby there is a need for community and friends. If we are too focused on our work, we tend to show neglect to our family and friends. This can have detrimental effects such as causing us to isolate ourselves away from our loved ones and create misunderstandings with them. Team building activities can help to act as a platform whereby we are able to connect better with our colleagues on a more personal level. This can help us to develop deeper friendships with them which is another aspect of our lives that we shouldn't neglect for a better work life balance.

4. Not being afraid to ask for help

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Last but not least, team building activities help to increase work life balance by encouraging teamwork all around the office. Every employee can feel that they can be comfortable enough with their colleagues to be able to depend on them. Similarly to how we call our friends to talk whenever we need to vent our anger, we should also apply it to the workplace. If you have a heavy workload throughout the week, it's time to depend on your network! We need to accept that sometimes the demands are beyond what we can handle. It is perfectly fine to ask for help. Just be sure to reciprocate whenever your other colleagues need help as well!

Work Life Balance

To sum up, these are just some of the ways how team building activities are able to help us achieve a better work life balance. However, team building activities are also able to provide us with plenty of other benefits as well! If you are looking to dive in deeper on how you can have a more effective team building session or options for team building activities, you can check out the following links below ūüôā

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