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Work Life Benefits From Team Building

January 29, 2018 by The Fun Empire Team

Work Life

You've just graduated and you are ready to get your first job! After submitting your resume and getting past the interview, you wait in anticipation of the results of the selection process. After a few days, an e-mail notification pops up on your phone, informing you that you have been selected! As your first day of work arrives and you step into the office, you are greeted by a bunch of unfamiliar faces and constant handshakes. As your future co-workers are welcoming you to the company, reality hits you that you miss your university cliques and that you are not ready for work life.

This is a common issue that many graduates face upon first starting work life. And it's a scary one. This is even more so for introverts who do not easily open up to people and are afraid of new social settings. You may be asking yourself, "How can we help graduates smoothly integrate into the new company and working life?" Start off by having a team building activity! This is because it can help act as a common social setting where everyone can mingle together including the newcomers. If you're still not convinced, continue reading on! We will be listing down 4 benefits new employees/graduates can receive from team building activities!

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Work Life Benefits From Team Building

1. Provides a common social setting for getting to know others

Work life benefits from team building
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Team building activities can act as safe social settings. New employees will be able to get the chance to know their team and supervisors more personally. To explain further, a team building activity can simulate the orientation camp environment, which is especially familiar to younger newcomers/graduates. In turn, make them more comfortable and more open to mingling. The thought of meeting and trying to get to know someone new can already be jarring enough for some. So, can you imagine what's it like getting to know someone new during one's work life, especially for new graduates who have little to no experience in the company? It definitely can't be very fun for them. Hence, the first benefit is that they will be able to know their team and supervisors more personally!

2. Improves leadership ability

Next, having a team building activity can help to gauge and improve the leadership ability of new employees during their work life. As leadership skills are incredibly well sought away in the 21st century by companies, this will provide them an opportunity to showcase their soft skills in terms of how they manage others in a smaller scale activity. By doing this, one will be able to more easily assess them in this area. This can easily be done by assigning the team leader role to them in their respective groups before the activity begins. This is a good opportunity for them as they need not worry about making mistakes and they'll be able to learn more about being a leader. Who knows? This activity may help to reveal some hidden talents who are suitable candidates for a future promotion/mentorship!

3. Builds positivity while eliminating negative feelings

Work life benefits from team building
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The third benefit is that team building activities can help new employees eliminate negative feelings while replacing them with positive ones. Entering into the work life as a fresh graduate can definitely seem very unclear yet stressful. Emotions such as fear, nervousness, and anxiety are all commonplace when one has just entered this phase of life. The fun from having a positive team building activity can help new and younger employees by alleviating these negative emotions that they may be facing.

4. Builds trust between new employees and team

Upon just entering into a company, you can be considered the "new guy". It's no surprise that no meaningful relationships have been formed yet between one and their team. Having a team building activity can help to bridge that missing gap! In the environment of doing a team building activity together, everyone is put under the circumstance of trusting one another. This will benefit new employees greatly as it helps to build trust even before one starts work officially. It's definitely easier to work with and to ask for help from someone who you trust, rather than with someone whom you do not know in the slightest!

Work Life

In conclusion, team building activities are definitely a great way to welcome new employees/fresh graduates to your company! It can help by providing them a safe space to not only express themselves but also, to demonstrate their respective skillsets. After reading this article, you may be curious to find out more about how can you run a successful team building event. Don't worry, we got you! Just check out the links below ūüôā

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