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Companies With The Best Workplace Culture [2022]

December 22, 2021 by The Fun Empire Team

Workplace Culture

Disney, Google, Adidas, and Uber. I'm sure all of us are no strangers to these successful companies. However, what's the one thing that has contributed to the success of these companies? Their employees! It's definitely no small feat for these companies to be able to attract such capable talents into their ranks. But, how do they do it? It actually boils down to what they place emphasis on. If you were to pay attention, there are several priorities that these companies take into account which has contributed to their success. They place emphasis on having a good workplace culture that treats their employees well and team bonding which appeals to a lot of the workforce!

After reading this, all of you may be in a rush to "improve" your workplace culture and booking all the team building activities that you can find. However, it's better not to get ahead of ourselves! Let's take a look first at the workplace cultures of these companies and find out how they have managed to incorporate team building. We have prepared a list below of some great companies and how they facilitate team building activities. Do take a look!

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Companies With Best Workplace Culture

1. Google

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I'm sure all of us have heard of this tech giant. It's no surprise that they are considered as one of the best companies to work at. Just take a look at the Google Headquarters in Singapore that is located at Pasir Panjang! The office has many amenities for its employees. For example, Google has free seating. Employees can choose whether they would like to have a dedicated desk, if not they can choose to sit anywhere with a chair and table. In addition, there are also massage chairs and sleeping areas for tired employees if they need a recharge. As for how Google headquarters incorporates team building, all their canteens and cafes are located right smack in the middle. This encourages mingling amongst all those working in Google. As you can see for yourself, the workplace culture of Google ensures that its employees are well-taken care of!

2. Uber

Companies with best workplace culture.
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I'm sure most of us have heard of the place "Silicone Valley". It's a place that's known for its mass innovation and technological development. Many of the world's biggest high-tech corporations now call it home and Uber is no exception. We all know Uber is an advanced company in terms of company culture, operations, and technology. In addition to that, their success is related to the mindset of highly valuing company team-building activities. Uber holds many unique activities for their team building sessions but there is one game of theirs that stands out. It's a game night where they have a music video competition! Employees are split into teams and have to compete with each other to create the best music video segment! This game can help teams to get into the groove while tapping into a wide variety of skills including creativity, communication, problem-solving, and time management.

3. Disney

Companies with best workplace culture.
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The third company that we will be talking about is Disney. I mean it's no surprise to see the company that's responsible for some of the most iconic characters being a part of this list for companies with the best workplace cultures. They have taken advantage of liaising with team building companies to come up with entertaining activities that are able to keep their employees engaged. One of the companies they are known to work with is Team Building USA. The organization has created multiple team building activities such as scavenger hunts, charity events, murder mystery games, canoeing, and much more. It would seem that even employees at Disney need some magic even while working as well!

4. Adidas

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The last company we will be talking about is Adidas. Similar to Disney, the company has also liaised with a team building organization of their own as well. Adidas has decided to work with the team building organization called Catalyst Team Building. The company host many unique team building events such as building puzzles, forming an orchestra, building a race car, and constructing enormous pictures. As you can see these activities are able to help employees fully unleash their creative potential while ensuring that they are able to have tons of fun!

Workplace Culture

In conclusion, these are just some examples of companies that have some of the best workplace cultures which you guys can take reference from. And, after reading this article, I'm sure all of you are even more inspired to incorporate an even greater sense of team unity amongst your employees. If that's the case, be sure to check out the links below for even more suggestions on team building activities ūüôā

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